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This sounds very much like my own history. How long did your honeymoon
period last? How long did orals lower your glucose to reasonable levels?


> I think latent is correct, but I'm not really sure there's much of a
> difference in the context of type 1 diabetes.  I think of
> latent in this
> context meaning that the precursors are/were always in place,
> but there was
> no triggering event until later in life.  I know I am LADA
> because I am
> positive for the anti-islet cell antibodies, which is, by
> definition, type
> 1.  The real difference is that when it strikes younger
> people, particularly
> prepubescent children, the onset is rapid, even to the point of being
> precipitous.  In adults who develop type 1, there can be a
> long honeymoon
> period which seems to mimic type 2.  Again, in my case, I fit
> the profile of
> type 2 when I was diagnosed: overweight, sedentary, etc.
> Further, as I lost
> weight and exercised, I was able to get good control for
> several months with
> just diet and exercise.  Later, when I had to go back on oral meds, we
> discovered that Rezulin did nothing for me, and that's when
> my endo had the
> antibody tests done.  When they came back positive, I went of
> all oral meds
> and started insulin.
> Jim Handsfield

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