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[IP] Gastroparesis

Cheryl...or anyone else who can help....
First of all I think this is a great idea.  I do have a question about 
gastroparesis.  Is this condition entirely pervasive such that no matter what 
you eat it processes slowly or can it have a sporadic and unexepected course 
(affecting some meals and not others)? Is there a certain point at which it 
is more common for this to affect diabetics (for instance after 10, 20 years?)
Som foods get past the stomach quickly others take longer. So it is
variable in time of onset. Gastroparesis is related to diabetic neuropathy.
It is an autonomic neuropathy which affects not only the stomach but the
whole GI tract. Depending on the degree of control the onset could be at
any time. mine began after 27 years of bad A1c's  Spot and Christine 

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