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Natalie Sera [mailto:email @ redacted] wrote:

> Mmmm, I always thought the L was for Late-Onset. 

I think latent is correct, but I'm not really sure there's much of a
difference in the context of type 1 diabetes.  I think of latent in this
context meaning that the precursors are/were always in place, but there was
no triggering event until later in life.  I know I am LADA because I am
positive for the anti-islet cell antibodies, which is, by definition, type
1.  The real difference is that when it strikes younger people, particularly
prepubescent children, the onset is rapid, even to the point of being
precipitous.  In adults who develop type 1, there can be a long honeymoon
period which seems to mimic type 2.  Again, in my case, I fit the profile of
type 2 when I was diagnosed: overweight, sedentary, etc.  Further, as I lost
weight and exercised, I was able to get good control for several months with
just diet and exercise.  Later, when I had to go back on oral meds, we
discovered that Rezulin did nothing for me, and that's when my endo had the
antibody tests done.  When they came back positive, I went of all oral meds
and started insulin.

Jim Handsfield
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