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[IP] FYI - JDF's response to Newsweek Cover Article

> Dear Editor:
>  I read with interest the cover story “An American
> Epidemic: Diabetesâ€*. The
>  article exposes the seriousness of Type 2 (or
> adult-onset) diabetes and the
>  devastating toll it takes on millions of Americans.
>  Diabetes has long been
>  a misunderstood disease and there is a true need to
> further educate the
>  public.
>  Since the CDC survey was limited to people 18 years
> and older, it omitted
>  the children who also have Type 2 diabetes and more
> importantly to me, the 1
>  million Americans who have Type 1, the most serious
> and complicated form of
>  the disease.  The article underscores the lack of
> available data on and
>  awareness of Type 1 (or juvenile) diabetes, a
> disease which affects more
>  than 1 million Americans, including my daughter. 
> Each year, over 30,000
>  more Americans are diagnosed with Type 1.
>  As a father of child with this devastating disease,
> I know first-hand the
>  complications my daughter can expect in her
> lifetime if we do not find a
>  cure.  While insulin does allow people with Type 1
> to live, it is not a cure
>  and does not prevent life-threatening complications
> like blindness, kidney
>  failure, heart attack, stroke, and limb
> amputations.  In order to survive,
>  my daughter must take daily, multiple injections of
> insulin and test her
>  blood by pricking her finger six or more times a
> day.  While trying to
>  balance insulin injections with the amount of food
> intake, people with Type
>  1 must constantly be prepared for potential
> hypoglycemic (low blood sugar)
>  and hyperglycemic (high blood sugar) reactions,
> both of which are
>  life-threatening.
>  As the Chairman of the Board for the Juvenile
> Diabetes Foundation
>  International (JDF), I believe there is a strong
> need for the CDC to develop
>  more updated data on Type 1 and an even stronger
> need for the American
>  public to know more about its deadly impact on
> children and adults.  JDF is
>  currently working with the CDC on a system to
> develop regional registries
>  that will enable us, for the first time, to get the
> full scope of the
>  incidence and trends of Type 1 diabetes in America.
>  We need the facts and
>  we need your help in further educating the American
> public about this very
>  serious form of diabetes.
>  Sincerely yours,
>                         Ross Cooley
>                         Chairman of the Board
>                         Juvenile Diabetes Foundation
> International
>  Contact:
>  Nichell Taylor Bryant
>  JDF Manager of Media Relations
>  120 Wall Street, 19th Floor
>  New York, NY 10005-4001
>  212-479-7524
>  email @ redacted

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