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Re: [IP] Softset ?

Yes, it's from experiance...I was gifted with a bunch of sof-sets, even
though I use the Disetronic...I was paying out of pocket for all my supplies
and a pharmacist I knew was given a box and a half of these things so he
split them up with me and one other who was also struggling.

I didn't have the sof-serter seven years ago and just pinched up a wad of me
and "POKE!" All it took. so I tried the sofserter a few weeks ago at a
friend's house, and it was more of a hassle than it's $45.00 price tag is

I commonly use -as a friend put it; "Silly
Wets"(Disetronic=Tenders....Pureline= Comforts...the generic) - now, but
have used the sof-sets when that is what was given to me.  I have a fairly
sucky insurance and so rely on pals and the reps to help me out...still
purchace out of pocket, but sometimes the ins. comes through for me too. it
depends on their mood, I guess....LOL!

Folks have their tolorence levals and I guess mine is fairly high in some
cases, in other cases I can be a wimp around pain.  Depends on what it is.
Pommy Mommy.
Jenny S.
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From: "Kornfeld, Avner"
Subject: RE: [IP] Softset ?

> Jenny,
> When you say that - is it based on experience? It is a pain to do manual
> softset insertion...
> Avner

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