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Re: [IP] pump wish list...gastroparesis question

> First of all I think this is a great idea.  I do have a question about

> gastroparesis.  Is this condition entirely pervasive such that no
matter what
> you eat it processes slowly or can it have a sporadic and unexepected
> (affecting some meals and not others)?

For me (ymmv) it will bounce around.  One of the biggest problems is the
inconsistency.  I can feel its effects day in and day out, and then not
be affected at all for a week.  I am constantly readjusting my basal's,
with fasting, to keep as level as possible.

> Is there a certain point at which it
> is more common for this to affect diabetics (for instance after 10, 20
> Melysa

As with many of my complications (carpal tunnel, frozen shoulder,
pharygneal aphasia, etc.), it took awhile before I realized that it was
dm related and I thought it was just a part of growing older.  I first
realized it after about 25 years (34 now).
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