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[IP] KAK virus removal instructions

If you think that you may have the KAK virus, please e-mail
me privately and I'll e-mail back the instructions.  Don't
worry about sending me an e-mail that is infected with the
virus - my computer has been inoculated against it - so you
cannot give it to me.  My instructions also note how you can
tell if you have it.

It is my understanding that the virus only affects Microsoft
products  - Outlook Express, Outlook, Internet Explorer
versions 4 and 5.

This is a very insidious virus which is spread without the
user knowing about it.  Please do not blame the sender for
having accidentally sent it - the sender certainly wouldn't
have known that they even had it.  Some virus software
programs don't fully remove this one, so if you think you
may be infected, please e-mail me for removal instructions.

I'd post the instructions, but they include a couple of
executable files that clean up the registry to prevent
re-infection - don't want to jam up the IP system with the

My mom had it a few months ago and infected many family
member's computers - she felt so guilty about it for no

If one of the system administrators would like to post the
instructions for people to access, please give me an address
and I'll send it to you.

Best wishes,

Tom "Pump Daddy" Wellman

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