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[IP] Excerise and ketos

Kap has been pumping since 1/19/00 and dxd 8/26/98.
He gets moderate ketos after heavy exercise.
Example - we went white water rafting this weekend, his #s did great, all 
weekend, Sunday night his #s were great however Monday morning he had ketos 
and high bgs, was this coming from to much out of the ordinary exercise or 
what.    I took into consideration for his basel rates.  
I thought after heavy exercise, you would need less insulin.  Not true for 
His #s ran great the whole weekend while he was doing a lot of exercise
, But it is the next day when the ketos show up.  And he feels really bad.
He has had highs before but they were from bad sites, not counting carbs 
correctly, etc, and he doesnt get ketos with things in an ordinary day.
BTW - I have a pictures of him white water rafting and PUMPING with his 
Are there others out there that have to increase the basel after heavy out of 
the ordinary exercise to keep from getting ketos and highs.
Darlene - Mom to Kap - age 10 pumping 1/19 and he doesnt like ketos!!!!!!!
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