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[IP] Swollen Ankles

"A friend of mine just called and told me that his 11 yr old Daughter was 
just diagnosed.  She has been readmitted to the hospital with swollen 
ankles. Any one seen this before?.  The docs just say, "it must be D 

My aunt was recently diagnosed with diabetes(type 2)  She to had swollen 
ankles.  It is related to diabetes some how can't remember how.  I THINK it 
is because of the strain on your kidneys cause of the high sugars.  My aunt 
had the swollen ankles for a while before she was diagnosed, she refuses to 
see doctors unless its an Emergency, took me two weeks to convince her that 
high blood sugars( I had been testing her with my meter) was an emergency!  
The swelling in her ankles have gone down.

Summer(Ontario, Canada)

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