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At 10:06 AM 09/04/00 David Dougherty wrote:
>I am intrigued with the word "Latent" in LADA ("Latent Autoimmune Diabetes
 >in Adults" I believe). Does this word imply that the person has been
in sort 
>of a "pre-diabetic" state for possibly many years before the actual onset of
>the diabetes?

Mmmm, I always thought the L was for Late-Onset. 

I could be wrong. 

But I do know that the pancreas sometimes deteriorates more slowly in
adults, and so they often appear to be Type 2 at onset -- there is no
ketosis, no weight loss, and not even severe thirst and urination. And
some LADAs are indeed overweight at diagnosis.  

Nowadays, some doctors will test for antibodies, but many don't.

One clue seems to be rapid progression -- I was told that those of us
for whom the orals either never worked or only worked for a short period
of time (months) are more likely to be LADA. 

Another clue is the presence of other auto-immune diseases such as
Hashimoto's thyroiditis, or Addison's disease. 

At any rate, LADA develops much more slowly than Type 1 in children, so
it would stand to reason that you probably had a longer pre-diabetic
period than children do -- when your pancreas was deteriorating, but
still able to keep your BGs normal most of the time. 

I MIGHT be a LADA, but sticking with Type Weird at this time!!!!!


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