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Re: [IP] Bird lancet device! - Pixie

> I'm in a "trouble-making" mood.....  I just made a call to see if I could
> find one, shall I see if I can actually locate one?

Oh please!!! I miss those little thingees, and the shallow yellow platform.
I used to have the Accuchek II and an Ames Glucometer and lost my autolet a
while back. It was a blue square, with a white button and a yellow foot I
put on my finger. It was the most painless poker other than my penlet II (or
whatever came with the FastTake). My husband thinks I'm crazy for getting
nostalgic about diabetes, but he doesn't seem to realize that most of my
life I've been a diabetic and one gets emotionally attached to the things
one grows up with. For me, Autolets. Now if I could find the red-headed
Sea-Wee dolls and their sponge lily pad my life would be complete:)


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