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[IP] Taking your temperature?

Hi everyone!
I was just reading an old journal of mine, and had
such a good laugh that I had to share with someone who
would understand (and maybe laugh as hard as I

In high school, I was on the swim team.  At a swim
meet, I gave myself an injection in the leg.  My
teammates were so used to this, I didn't think about
it at all.  I was putting my stuff away and a girl
from the other team asks me "Are you sick?"  It takes
me a minute to figure out why she is asking it.  I
replied "No, I have diabetes."  So she asks "So why
were you taking your temperature?"  I reply "What?"
She points to the syringe that is still in my hand
"You know with that."  ROFLOL.  I would never take my
temp that way!  Although I would choose to do it that
way over another way that I know IS a way to take a

Maureen and Jude (my beta cells on a leash... or maybe
in this case it is more appropriate to say "my pager
with an awsome attenna")

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