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[IP] Unreponsive Low

What happened?  Why did she drop so low and WHY didn't ANYTHING work?????

This has been the most frightening episode for me since we began pumping 2
years ago.  This is the sort of event that prompted us to get a pump.  We
would never give it up, but I have had my stress load of the week and don't
think I can deal with anything else.  

What did Jess have for dinner. Was it high in fat? A high fat meal
interferes with absorption from the stomach. Every thing you did was
correct. I hwve my wife give me regular soda or OJ Otherwise Glucagon if I
can't swollow. Humulog actually acts over about 4.5 hours. The tail is
particularly nasty because you don't expect it. Always remember Insulin has
a tail that can leave a nasty bite.The tail is part of the YMMV thing about
diabeasties. Spot and Christine

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