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Re: [IP] kak virus detected....help! -- contains geek-speak and may be considered off-topic


When I opened what was identified as the infected e-mail, I think I was
saved by the fact that I have the security settings in Outlook Express (5.5
on a Win98 system) set to the highest level.  You do this by picking Tools |
Options | Click the Security tab | Choose 'restricted sites zone'.  This
makes a box pop up if there is an Active-X control included in an e-mail
that asks if you want to run it.  ALWAYS SAY NO when this pops up.

This is a different kind of problem than the e-mail viruses that came in
attachments -- those were programs disguised as something else, and had to
be opened to infect anything.  This kind is an invisible programming control
that can be added into HTML, and runs as soon as you read the message
(unless you tell it not to, as above).  It then adds the invisible control
to your outgoing e-mails.

In addition to doing this to head off e-mail viruses and worms, I also have
ZoneAlarm and Norton Anti-Virus to keep out other kinds of nastiness.  I ran
my virus scanning program right after this happened, and nothing was
infected (yes, I downloaded the latest virus definition file this morning

ZoneAlarm is a program from www.zonelabs.com, which is a fairly well-known
Internet security place.  It lets you set more complex filters to specify
which programs have access to the internet, to put up a firewall to keep
other people out of your computer if you have an always-on connection (or
even if you don't), etc.

I am a computer geek, but I tried to write this in English.  Let me know if
I can make anything clearer, or if you have questions about this.  This all
applies to Windows and Outlook Express -- I don't have much experience with
Macs and other e-mail programs, so I can't comment on what happens with
ActiveX controls on other systems.


Relevance to diabetes?  Diabetics (on this list) seemed to have questions.
Sorry if this is too off-topic.


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