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RE: [IP] Bird lancet device! - Pixie

For those not lucky enough to use the autolet, a quick explanation maybe
should be done?

The device held the lancet and when the button on top was pressed it flew in
pendulum(best word to use?) motion down onto your finger.  It is the only
lancing device I have ever had that you could see the lancet coming at you.

Ironically I just got a box of monolet lancets from the #$%#$# mail order
pharmacy that had a picture of the autolet on the box.  I guess we can't be
the only ones reusing lancets on this list. :)

-- Sherry 

PS - I will check with my mom.  She was the head of the JDF chapter in our
area when I was knee high.  The companies all sent her boxes of devices to
hand out to the "flock".  She had about 20 of the autolets and 20 of some
other new lancet device of the time.  All the others went fast but I think
we had about 6 extra autolets.  If she hasn't dumped them in our last 2
moves I will snag them for y'all. :)
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