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In a message dated 9/5/00 9:04:33 AM Eastern Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> I am in the 
>  hospital I feel safe, as all patients should!
The hospital is a very dangerous place to be.
You are alone and must check and recheck behind most nurses and doctors(sorry 
to say)
I have had occasion to have my records lost not once but at least 3 xs .
I had my babies mixed up after delivery (i had a girl they brought me a boy 
to feed)
I had a nurse hand me asprin and insist I take it even though I am on 
coumadin therapy and know I could have bled to death with asprin.
At 5 am one morning the tech. was taking blood I
questioned all the  tubes getting filled after only doing it the night before 
and found that they had mixed me up with another patient same name.
please stay allert at all times in the hospital, I would love  to believe I 
am safe there but I know better..
I also lost my sister in a hospital xray room from a stupid error on the part 
of a tech (she happened to be a 30 yr nurse).
 Try to have a relative stay with you during testing etc. I helped deliver 4 
of my grandchildren because my daughter was so afraid after her first 
delivery was botched up when her doctor went to dinner and Some one gave her 
a second shot (eperdural) and she couldn't even feel to push in delivery. 
email @ redacted 
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