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Re: [IP] diabetes: disease or condition?

> Since I called diabetes a disease in my note 
> ("Moms unite") the other day, and this has 
> now become an issue of debate (though not
> necessarily because of my note), I thought 
> I would get out the dictionary.
I was in a group diabetes class (just doing a refresher 
and getting the little woman a chance to learn it 
professionally) a few months ago and the woman sitting 
next to me nearly jumped down my throat when I used the 
term "Sick" in refference to myself (and by extension 
the rest of the room)

It's like... geez... It's only a convenient term... 
maybe she'd have preffered if I used the word "broken" 
or SaraSP's old favorite "Defective".... Why must 
people be so stuck on LABELS???

Look... bottom line, I've got an organ that ain't 
playin' like it should be, come up with your own 
labels, I've had done with the subject.

Okay, I'm done with my rant now.

-Sara G.

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