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[IP] low didn't respond to carbs

We had a small problem last night that I would like some insight on. 
Jessica ate dinner and had a popsicle afterwards.  Bolused correctly for all
of it.  This was at 5:30 pm.  At 8:30 she comes to me and tells me she
doesn't feel good, tests at 45.  We stop the pump and give a tube of glucose
gel.  She starts crying and her head is rolling back and forth.  We test
again and she is 44.  This goes on for an hour where at each test she is
anywhere between 38 - 44.  After an hour, she is alert, I have changed test
strips to make sure they weren't "bad" but she is still testing at 41.  I
page her endo, Dr. Brosnan who tells me to keep feeding her (she is ready to
vomit fro all the carbs already) and give it another 30 minutes as long as
she looks and acts OK.  That would be the peak (hour and a half) of the
insulin and she should start responding.  If not, take her to the ER and get
some glucose IV going.  I get dressed and finally, 1 hour and 25 minutes
after this all began she comes up to 83.  She has had a total of 80g carbos,
eqivalent to 2 meals for her.  Of course I was up all night testing and
bolusing later in the night to bring her back down again and today she is

What happened?  Why did she drop so low and WHY didn't ANYTHING work?????

This has been the most frightening episode for me since we began pumping 2
years ago.  This is the sort of event that prompted us to get a pump.  We
would never give it up, but I have had my stress load of the week and don't
think I can deal with anything else.  

Mom of Jessica, age 8, diagnosed @ 9 months, pumping 2 years & Jarred, 10

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