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Re: [IP] Minimed reservoirs--grrr

<What other pumps are available other than MiniMed.  It seems that this
product is not too reliable nor that their tech support is at all good.
I don't want to pay out all that money for nothing better than my usual
4-5 injections a day.>

One of the problems with our list is that we tend to hear more
complaints about products than anything else. No problem with the
complaints, but your statement (above) shows that the overall perception
of a product can become skewed.

Most of us (myself included) have had MiniMed pumps that have never
broken down, and have never had any major problems with their customer

I'd urge you not to generalize the experience of one or two people.
There was a thread a while back about a batch of "bad" humalog. It got
people all worried about theirs. My humalog has never been bad, and I
suspect that 99.9% of us haven't had bad humalog. No problem with the
complaints or reports, but for those choosing a pump (or type of
insulin!), beware of generalizing from the experiences of a handful
(there are over 2000 people on our list!).



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