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[IP] Painful Legs virus

(This is a test. For the next 263 words, we are conducting a test of the 
Emergency Somewhat-Off-Topic Warning System. This is only a test.)

A couple reactions and a couple questions regarding the KAK virus that was
apparently recently sent over the IP list:

1. This is one time I was glad I read the list in digest form! The
programming code that made up the virus appeared as simple text on my
screen, rather than being interpreted. A small portion of it looked like


which looks pretty scary to me! (I've replaced angle brackets with curly
brackets just to make sure your email software doesn't try to interpret the

2. Question for those of you who get individual email from IP: did the
message come in as an attachment? If so, that seems a prime example of why
one should not send email with, or as, an attachment. Or open attachments by
double-clicking, etc., even from known sources.

3. The virus was propagated because the sender's HTML (formatted text, more
or less) option was on, right? Would anything untoward have happened if the
original message had been sent in plain text, as the admins recommend? Seems
so, but my understanding is far from complete.

4. It looked like the virus was targeted to Outlook Express users only. I do
use that (for now), but was protected by two layers: I read via the digest,
which does not properly interpret HTML; and I use a Mac, which the virus
(AFAK) does not affect. Am I understanding things correctly here?

Sorry to stray a bit, but thought it was relevant to list readers. This
concludes this test of the ESOT warning system. Had this message been
completely off-topic, we would have been flamed unmercifully, and retired in
disgrace. We now return you to your regularly-scheduled insulin pump

Keith Johnson
email @ redacted
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