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Re: [IP] Nevermind-importance of parents, Minimed

At 09:46 AM 09/05/00 email @ redacted wrote:
 >>From your reports I don't think the MiniMed is the best pump around and I
 >think I will forgo the pleasure of having a lot more hassles with companies
 >that don't support their products and that the product is poorly made to
 >begin with.
 >Will cancel my order for a MiniMed and stick with the syringes.

In my opinion, basing a major medical decision on one or two people's 
experience is not a good idea. There are aver 2,600 members here and I'd 
venture to say that the vast majority of people have almost no problems 
with their pumps or pump service. MiniMed has had just as good of a 
reputation for supporting their pumps as Animas or Disetronic... which for 
the most part is excellent. All 3 pumps are excellent machines... the main 
differences are their features, not durability or service.

When reading things in lists like this you must remember two important facts:

1. There are always two (or more) sides to every story, so until you know 
all the facts, don't make any hasty decisions.

2. Happy users don't usually post this fact to the list. You will hear 
mainly from those who are having problems, so it looks a whole lot worse 
than it really is.

I'd say that about 99% of us are pretty pleased with our pumps. We have 
members that have been pumping for 15 years or more. Most of us would fight 
to keep our pumps... the freedom it gives us is worth everything.

MDI puts you into a time straitjacket where you have to do everything by 
the clock. The pump frees you from this and allows you to be flexible with 
meals. Imagine eating just because your hungry, not because its time to 
eat. Just think about having dessert with everyone else or not worrying 
about a meal being served late at a restaurant. This by itself is worth the 
effort to become a pumper. Lower A1c results for many of us is another 
great benefit.

I know it's a bit scary to change your whole routine and learn a new 
technique. See if you can't talk to an pump experienced physician or CDE 
and get more direct facts.

Happy pumper since June 1998

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