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 I've gotten numerous posts sent privately, etc, etc.
I do want to clarify I am NOT trying to scare anyone
off of Minimed, had you asked me in January I would've
told you they're not perfect, but I still love the
company. Many people never have problems, but I do
know a handful that have, and at least for me, it's
all mechanical/customer service. Not to say that this
isn't the exception, b/c I know it's not, my first 3
months...from 2 months looking into getting apump to
choosing MM, it was great! Don't get me wrong. Don't
base your experiences or preference on someone elses.
 Personally, however I have learned from my
experience. Yes, the same thing could've happened with
any other brand (Then again, there is no screw or luer
lock as I know in disetronic). 
 Also, some people think it's me having the pump
break, and my fault. I don't understand that, and to
be honest, I don't really care. If you really knew me
you'd know better, rather than judging through the
 Now, I am getting a new pump tomorrow, I will have
been off the pump 28 hrs (I woke up so early the first
day of school (today)) and what i"d described
yesterday about overdelivery, or whatever the problem
is had manifested itself. I've been doing shots of H
and R all day and miraculously, been averaging 130-160
all day! This is just till the replacement comes. I
have contacted MiniMed about previous pump problems
and they are looking into that, a Director is supposed
to call me back this afternoon.
 Where I"m sitting, I don't know if I'd have better
luck wtih disetronic. Right now, the obvious thing is
I'd have two pumps and would have to trust it, b/c at
least I woudln't ahve to go back to shots in an
emergency. Also, don't quote me on this, but the
mechanics of a screw and door are much different, and
THAT"S what I've had probs with NOT the software, etc.
 I am not meaning to condemn MiniMed. Rather, looking
for support and advice. I don't know if switching
companies would be a step up or not, but I do know I
can't keep having so much pump complications as long
nights b/c I'm on shots.
 And I will say, when I do become a doctor, even with
all my own experience, I"m NOT persuading people any
 I hated when I was thinking about the pump when
people tried to sway me and I am most certainly NOT,
but I think everyone needs to find out everything for
themself. I know I sure have.
 Thinking strictly, I do NOT want to get off the pump,
my a1cs are always 7 or under now, and well, until
last month and this month, my extreme lows were gone.
I need to see what the options are. I have to call my
endo anyhow later to get some advice on getting
through tonight on R.

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