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Re: [IP] Types and the 'Juvenile' label

On 5 Sep 00, at 11:24, Kathy Trondsen wrote:

> Maybe we all should agitate to get the two (or three, or however-many
> categories there are) to get completely different names in the popular
> press -- my personal vote goes to George, Jane, Judy, and so on through the
> Jetsons for as many names as we need :)
> Just wondered if this bugged anyone else.

Yeah, it sure does!    Don't name it after me!!     ;>)

I don't believe we really know just how many types there are out there. I 
would guess something around 16 million in the US.  :>)    And I really 
don't care what they call it,  just as long as they realize that they all 
mean the same thing;  Trouble!   

JD, T1, IDDM ~ dxed 1964, Reborn 8/13/1998

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