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Re: [IP] kak virus detected.

I did a scandisc, and no viruses were found....Thank the deities..with me
dad, the car accident and all the other things on my plate, I certainly
don't need that kind of 'visitor'.

I have updated all my microsoft products have mcAffee, and a Zone Alarm, so
it pretty much came up to a brick wall.  Thanks for the input George, I'm
really overwhelmed right now and got really hot when I thought of that darn
virus crud.
Pommy Mommy.
Jenny S.
----- Original Message -----
From: "George Lovelace"
Subject: Re: [IP] kak virus detected.

> On 5 Sep 00, at 9:29, Jennifer Sutherland wrote:

> This happened because of some unknown mean **$%&/!,  not the
> person who innocently sent this to the list.  The KaKWorm is insidious
> in that you don't have to open an attachment, only to read the infected
> email message, and even then it is mostly the Microsoft products that
> are vulnerable to it.  If you do regular updates of your email and browser
> software, you should be protected.  The virus originated in Dec of 99,
> one of those "gifts that keeps on giving"    ;>(

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