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Re: [IP] kak virus detected.

On 5 Sep 00, at 9:29, Jennifer Sutherland wrote:

> My ActiveX got it and even though I knew it was OK, I did a thorough scan
> disc anyway....
> Havwn't we got ENOUGH on our plate without some mean sonova b**** sending a
> Virus Out to us?  Thanks loads, whoever you are.

This happened because of some unknown mean **$%&/!,  not the 
person who innocently sent this to the list.  The KaKWorm is insidious 
in that you don't have to open an attachment, only to read the infected 
email message, and even then it is mostly the Microsoft products that 
are vulnerable to it.  If you do regular updates of your email and browser 
software, you should be protected.  The virus originated in Dec of 99, 
one of those "gifts that keeps on giving"    ;>(

The infected message originated with Subject: [IP] painful legs and was 
sent From: "Ron Bylund" <email @ redacted> , so if you have a 
Microsoft system that hasn't been updated since Dec. it would be a 
good idea to run a virus scan and not send any mail (particularly if you 
use Outlook Express) until you have completed the scan.

Basic info from the Symantec Virus Research website:
Microsoft Update site to remove vulnerability:
KakWorm removal tool download site:

This tool is for Windows 9x and NT systems, though if you're running 
something different, you've probably already protected yourself.

Hope everyone will be "virus-free" soon!    ;>)


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