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Re: [IP] dawn phenomenon?

> My son Jared started pumping 8/11/00. To say we have had no backup
> with it is to put it mildly. We are in the process now of changing
> endos, but until we get to see him, I have a question. He is 14, and
> has basal rates of 1.5 to 2.0. From 5pm to mid. it is 2.0. We try to
> have supper between 5 and 6 pm because on shots this helped him wake
> up in range. Now with the pump, he is high from supper on. It also
> seems like he is even higher when he wakes up. Night before last  he
> was 118 at mid. One of the very few good numbers at night. Then when
> he got up at 9 it was 195. What should I do? As I said we don't have
> any support now. We are just left to fend for ourselves. TIA Julie

Those are pretty good numbers for someone his age that is growing. 
Just make sure that you have a good basal profile and know what his 
bg's do at night. You might want to check later (earlier) in the 
morning, around 2am instead of midnight. I've found my duaghter, age 
17 - pumping 6 years, to be pretty stable after 2, but not so stable 
in the first few hours of sleep. I can catch a bad high or low by 2 
and a correction then will usually result in good morning bg's. The 
2am check has caught all her crashes except one in 6 years, even 
though some of her lows were very deep.

When you check his basal profile, you might also see if he needs a 
basal increase when he goes to sleep -- that is, not at a specific 
time at night, rather related directly to the time he goes to sleep. 
If you find this to be the case, a relatively short temporary basal 
rate for an hour or two upon retiring might better address his 
initial night time basal requirements. Deal with dawn as a separate 
issue from all of the above.
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