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[IP] Types and the 'Juvenile' label

Something that came to mind in the thread about the Newsweek article is
something that has bothered me for a long time.  I realize that Type I
frequently is diagnosed at a younger age than Type II, and I had some hope
when they started calling them Type I and II and not 'Juvenile' and
'Adult-onset' diabetes, but there is a common perception out there that if
you weren't diagnosed at an early age, it can't be the same disease (that
is, that everyone diagnosed over the age of about 20 is automatically Type

I'm not trying to argue that one type of diabetes is 'worse' than the
other -- it's just that doctors and the general public seem to have this
scale of severity for diabetes that is age-based and must do a great
disservice to adult-onset type Is who end up trying oral drugs and diets to
control a condition that requires insulin, as well as to young Type IIs who
get started on insulin when they need a treatment for the condition they
actually have.

Maybe we all should agitate to get the two (or three, or however-many
categories there are) to get completely different names in the popular
press -- my personal vote goes to George, Jane, Judy, and so on through the
Jetsons for as many names as we need :)

Just wondered if this bugged anyone else.

Thanks for listening.


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