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[IP] Mary, please don't go.

SNIP.....Mary Said": Does this make my knowledge of diabetes any less? How
would you moms respond 
to such a person who obviously has no idea what we go through?


Please don't drop off the list - you and your insights are needed by so many
new parents of diabetic children.   Long ago on this list I talked about the
incredible work done by the parents of diabetic children. 

I, personally, cannot imagine how you, or any parent, manages to get through
life with the stress of having your child having diabetes and all the work
that goes into maintaining blood sugars.  It is too much that your child has
a life threatening disease, that you have no control over this disease, and
that you must spend the rest of their growing up life working to get them to
be responsible for their actions in every way in order for them to have a
fairly "normal" life. 

And you can't be around them all the time and you worry about whether they
tested, have a snack, will remember to count carbs and bolus correctly, and
you have to get up in the night and check them, and you have to fight school
and insurance for them....and what about resentments about you giving up a
major portion of your life to do all this.....I know, I know, that is not an
issue to be considered..... but Lordy, I believe you parents have it so much
tougher than those of us with the disease itself as an adult...

The statements were not meant personally and we are all here to educate and
learn....please have a little compassion about the writer, understand that
they are just defending their own pain....and didn't stop to think about
what parents go through.  My feeling is that the statement is like one of
mine when my "mouth is going before my brain is in gear".  I have that
problem sometimes and never mean to offend anyone..but sometimes I do and
have to apologize...Us reactionaries have that problem occasionally.  

Please stay with us. 
Bonnie Richardson
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