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Re: [IP] foot tingling

Hi sorry I dont have the answer but I have similar problem and was just about 
to ask so here goes.  I thought I had sciatica the past 10 yrs my rt leg from 
where rt kidney is in back all the way to foot goes tinglly very quickly and 
am in constant pain in lower back in flank area all the time sometimes pain 
moves down my leg and get occasional cramps too. The pain is getting worse so 
bad I have to take percacet just to sleep and thats not working anymore . the 
pain is worse at night and when I sleep on my rt side my leg goes to sleep 
and the pain si more intense. I do have back problems due toa car accident 2 
yrs ago but that just affected my neck.I've haqd massage , hot tubs, and 
chiropractic care even tried yoga with little relief. Could this be 
neuropathy ...    thanks Jenee'
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