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[IP] Nevermind-importance of parents, Minimed

 I think I just didn't explain it well. Even my
parents could see what I was saying, and they don't do
too much of the stuff with the actual pump.
 I have been pumping 15 months and know how to insert
a set, a reservoir, how to prime, etc, etc. I am
definitely NOT claiming to know much, but I do know my
own body and have learned that my instincts are
usually right, and when I doubt them I always wind up
with a serious Diabetes problem.  The reason I'm so
sure that "something is up" is because there is a
noticable difference with how this pump "secures" the
reservoir than either of my 2 previous 507cs did. I'm
sorry, I can't describe the details perfectly, but
really it's something that one has to see to be able
to understand. I was told to call back tomorrow and
tell them if the reservoir fixed the problem or not,
and I will after school:-)
 On another note, parents ARE important. Right now I'm
running into hurdles that it takes an adult male voice
to get any attention. It's sad but true. I will be
glad when I'm no longer a teen and ignorant people
will loose their excuse to find a stereotype for me! I
do all my diabetes stuff, 3am checks and all, even the
darn ordering from MM, but if there's a problem if it
comes from me it's not serious. Now, when it gets dead
serious, now people realize, gee, 11 years into this I
think she does know her body....
 Don't worry about it. I'm sorry, but I feel like I'm
being patronized. I don't mean so much to criticize
pumping at all, come on, this list has "dealt" with me
for over a year, I just wish someone would could seem
to understand and not just assume what I"m saying must
be wrong. If it were the 24 hr line wouldn't say that
if the reservoir isn't the prob, I will have a new
pump Wed. morning.
 I understand everyone has their opinion, I've seen
recent posts about who knows more about diabetes or
not, but come on people, be nice. Don't always assume
that something can't happen b/c you haven't heard of
it before. Maybe it is recent tension in the list, but
right now I really need some support in pumping.

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