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[IP] re: uneducated docs/nurses

"I had an experience where i went in for a test before back surgery, can't 
remember what kind but they had to give me something to make me drowsy and I 
had an all liquid diet for lunch.  The nurse gave me my normal shot.  After 
the test I was unresponsive and completely out of it and drenched in sweat. 
No one noticed until my roommate came and saw me and made them do something 
about it. I am always scared about professional people not knowing what they 
are doing with diabetes stuff."

That is really scary!  I have never had any problems like this in the 
hospitals here.  All the nurses and doctors seem to know what there doing.  
I don't know what I'd do if they didn't.  The last thing you need when your 
sick(in the hospital) is to be the only one who knows about diabetes!!  Are 
your nurses aloud to give you your shots without talking with your doctor 
first?  Our nurses have to phone the doctor, with your sugar level and a 
briefing and then are told the doses to give.  They also make sure you eat 
everything on your plate, or they give you something else to make up the 
carb loss.  I'm not sure if I am just assigned the nurses with a knowledge 
of diabetes or all our nurses have the knowledge but I know when I am in the 
hospital I feel safe, as all patients should!

Summer( Ontario, Canada)

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