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[IP] Re: MiniMed reservoirs..grr

Perhaps  I came on this problem of yours late Amy, but I don't think the
problem is with the reservoirs.  A reservior can't "overdeliver" insulin,
and leakage is almost nonexistent for most users.  I think you must be
doing something very incorrect with usage of the pump.  I suggest  watching
how an experienced pump user sets things up.  It's really not all that
difficult if you know what to do and know how to do it correctly.   No one
ever said a pump was less of a hassle than shots.  It just lets you do
things and obtain control that is just not at all possible with shots of
long acting inuslin.

 I don't mean to sound irrational and I'd appreciate
not being turned against by some people on this list
because I am complaining about MInimed, but I told my
mom I'm ready to get off the pump. I want a
disetroinc, but mroe than anythign I want away from
MinimEd. It's sad that numerous times you have to end
up in hospital with the broken pump before they will
even consider taking your call seriously
 Today's call, seemed like it was the reservoir over
delivering insulin, so I put one with old insulin in
over the phone to test it and it was better but not
perfect..not leaking so much into me. Now,I'm not
explaining this well b/c I don't care anymore, but
I've used 5 reservoirs since that phone call, and it's
leaking again. They told me I can't get a new pump
till Wednesday b/c of the holiady. I'm sorry, but it's
a bunch of worthless crap.
 The o rings leak or they don't. I've had a lot leak
so I tend to order 2 boxes eveyr 3 months allowing for
that "failure" rate. However, not everyone has this.
Some do, some don't.
 I am upset with MiniMed. A lot has happened that I
have not posted her, so maybe y'all woudl understand
my reasoning more if I did, but I'm not going to, some
people have cold-shouldered me for ever thinking of
complaining aboutthe pump breaking and that's why I'm
not telling you all the details with MIniMed.
 I'm sorry, it's a lot more stress than I ever wanted.
The pump was supposed to be less than a hassle of

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