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Re: [IP] condition or disease?

Michael Wrote:

<a Type I who got that way because his/her pancreas was
removed due to say.... damage from an auto
accident, would not attribute it to a disease.>


Thanks for the post - I've wondered how to refer to DM.  One
doesn't really "catch" it - for many reasons it just
happens.  I was beginning to have some insulin resistance
and my pancreas was increasing production to compensate (T2
runs in my family).  Then, last December, I had pancreatitis
(cause not known) and in a rare twist of fate, all my beta
cells died.  So I'm both T1 and T2.  Calling Diabetes an
"affliction" or a "disease" just doesn't fit  (I don't feel
afflicted or diseased) - "condition" sounds good to me too.

Tom "Pump Daddy" & MiniMe

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