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Re: [IP] Minimed reservoirs--grrr

At 02:58 PM 09/04/00 email @ redacted wrote:
 >Would you recommend against getting a pump?  Or is the problem with just

I don't believe that her problems are typical of the vast majority of pump 
users or with MM in particular. There seems to be something wrong with 
either her pump or her reservoirs. According to our survey, about 78% of 
our members who responded are MM users and if this type of thing were 
happening commonly with this pump we'd hear about it very quickly. All the 
different brands of pumps are very high quality machines, that will 
reliably do the job the're supposed to do for many years. My pump has been 
going for almost 2.5 years without a hitch... others here have had their 
pumps going for a whole lot longer than that.

Once in awhile even the best quality products will have some sort of 
problem. Fortunately they are not common and the pump companies usually 
respond very quickly. Unfortunately, this being a long holiday weekend has 
thrown a bit of a monkey wrench into the reported situation. It only proves 
that Murphy is alive and well.


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