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Re: [IP] Moms unite

In a message dated 9/4/00 12:38:33 PM Eastern Daylight Time, email @ redacted 

<< diabetes really stinks.  We are at war - 
 with this condition that haunts our every moment, lurks in our nightmares 
 and rises to confront us at the most inopportune moment >>

That is the heart of this!!! I  hope we are angry with diabetes... I am!!!

I am tired of feeling guilty & wanting to give more to my son, being tired 
and grouchy because of low bg, and knowing that my son/ family does suffer 
because of my diabetes. I'll take counting carbs, inserting sets, a sore butt 
:), using my handy monitor anyday... but hearing my son cry because he needs 
something I can't give him that minute because I'm changing my set, fixing 
something, using my monitor, CALLING minimed... Having people in the store 
give me a "hand" because I'm testing and percieve that we need help... And 
yes... pride aside, I accept help when it is in my son's best interest...

Now... I'm counting to 10 and I know that we are doing well... I just wanted 
to vent at diabetes...it stinks for EVERYONE involved with DM, in any and in 
every capacity.

Beth (& Oscar)
Mom to Freddie, 21 mo.
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