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Re: [IP] moms untie and basal question

I agree with Randall--the list is fraught with unneeded tensions a the 
moment.  As a fellow caregiver I'm now being suspected of not even having 
children over a post where I was really, truly  just trying to be supportive 
and remind everyone that we really have to care for the caregivers too.  
Although I've written that person individually with apologies etc I'm feeling 
very saddened about where we have landed.  Time for a group breather I think. 

So on an entirely different note....drum roll.....

I'm wondering how often people are finding their basals change significantly. 
 My nighttime basals have been wonderful at keeping my bloodsugars within 
15mg of their bedtime values and now I could go to sleep at 100 and wake at 
200.  As a child I recall dealing with Dawn Phen. but it hasn't been a 
problem for ages....can it come and go? Is it back? *Jaws theme music in 
background*  Last night I tested at 11, 1, 3, 5, and 7 and it was pretty much 
a gradual increase throughout the night which might indicate that it's just 
inadequate basals (though I did treat a slight low with protein before bed).  
Most nights I'm steady to my 3am test and then high (150-170) at 7am (I 
wasn't testing at 5am). My AICs run around 6 so this feels high to me!  Also 
my schedule has only gotten busier so I'm suprised that I need more 
insulin...I thought I'd be lowering all of them.  Maybe stress? But why then 
am I not running higher during the day? I suppose it's simply an unspecified 
change in insulin requirements...it just seems very sudden.

Any ideas or experience with similar phenomena be much appreciated!!!

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