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RE: [IP] Minimed reservoirs--grrr

At 09:58 AM 09/04/00 David Dougherty wrote:
 >I use a Disetronic so I really don't know anything about the MiniMed but I
 >understand that leaking O rings can be a problem if you use plastic
 >reservoirs on either pump. Are you using plastic or glass reservoirs?

With a MM you don't have a choice, they are all plastic. After almost 2 1/2 
years of pumping I've never had a leak in a reservoir. I do know that MM 
recommends that you move up/down and rotate the plunger a few times before 
filling, to spread the lubricant around. Assuming that this was done, it 
sounds like a bad batch of reservoirs. The O-rings should never leak.

If you bought the sets from MM, I would call them back and demand to talk 
to a supervisor. Be polite but firm. They should exchange the bad ones that 
you got with new ones. However, if you didn't buy the sets from MM, you'll 
need to call the vendor that you purchased them from. They are responsible 
for replacing any bad products that they sell.


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