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Re: [IP] newsweek on line

On 1 Sep 00, at 14:01, Jennifer Sutherland wrote:

> To say type two is a more complicated disease than type one is also
> biochemically false.....Many type two's and type one's have the
> rollercoaster to ride and the thing is, many type two's aren't advised to
> check their bg's as we are. 

And the fun thing that seems to be developing now is that people with type 
one diabetes are living long enough to develop what would be type two if 
their body was making any insulin...  Type two can be summarized as various 
types of inabilities to utilize insulin while type one is the absence of 
insulin... and type two effects (insulin resistance and other factors) are now 
being recognized in people with type one...  One type of diabetes doesn't 
protect against the other type...

Rev. Randall Winchester
WD4HVA (email @ redacted)
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