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Re: [IP] Pump/Insulin problems

On 4 Sep 2000, at 10:08, email @ redacted wrote:

> I have been pumping for approximately 8 years.  Over the past year, after 
> switching to Humalog in my pump, my glycohemoglobin started to increase.  
> Recently my doctor suggested I go off the pump and go back on injections, 
> using different types of insulin to regain better control.  My question 
> is-----what types of insulin are you using in your pump?  Thanks for  your 
> imput!

On the "All About Insulin Pumpers" page 
it shows that, of those who responded to the survey, 86% use 
Humalog, 6% are using Velosulin and 7% are using Regular.  I 
would read "Pumping Insulin" (3rd ed) to see if it might help you in 
your change to Humalog.


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