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Re: [IP] condition or disease?

Getting there for most was 
the result of an autoimmune disease, but after the first couple of years, 
the damage is done and the beta cells are all dead -- about the same 
place that the person with the "removed" pancreas is. You might say that 
a "regular" type one is the victim of a disease process, but the disease 
passes and he or she must go one with life with the missing organ and 
the accumulating side effects caused by loss of it's function. Can't say 

Just wanted to clarify something,  A regular type 1 does not end up in the 
same place as someone who has had the pancreas removed.  The pancreas is also 
responsible for making and excreting digestive enzymes, a very important 
function.  A regular type 1 still has that function.  A person with a removed 
pancreas can be  in a much more difficult position.  Just imagine eating a 
ham sandwich and three days later it has to be removed from the intestines, 
and it still looks like a ham sandwich because the digestive system doesn't 
function.  Now imagine trying to control your blood sugars at the same time.  
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