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Propulsid is not a black market drug for those who have gastroparesis,
who have no cardiac problems, and whose doctor writes a special
prescription stating this. 

I have gastroparesis and have been treating it with Propulsid for
years.  I had no problem obtaining an Rx from my gastroenterologist, and
it's being filled routinely by my pharmacy.  A general practitioner can
do likewise.

If your doc doesn't know the precise language to use, you may be able to
find this on the drug mfr's website.


> At first I thought it was my gastro-paresis but this morning I ate (taking my black market -LOL- Propulsid) had a smoothie, bolused and my BG have remained stable for 6 hours.  It doesn't take THAT long for food to pass through does it?  What's going on with gastro folks who can no longer obtain Propulsid?  I had nasty side effects from Regla (the only other Gastro drug I've heard of)  and although I've no desire to kill myself by taking a recalled drug, I've been on it for a few years with no noticeable side effects.  Please help. <
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