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[IP] Title of Newsweek article

I wrote:

>>> Then why didn't they title the article: "An American Epidemic:  Type 2

Jim Handsfield wrote:

>>Perhaps they think most readers don't know that there are two (or more)
types of diabetes, and this article will educate them.  <<

But that's the problem with the article, they talk only of Type 2's with an
"honorable mention" of Type 1's.  Reading that article I got a completely
different perception of diabetes escalating in the population because we
Americans have gotten lazy and fat and eat nothing but junk food... and mass
amounts of it.  Only one time when I told someone I had diabetes was I ever
asked if I had Type 1 or Type 2, and I don't think this article is going to
make more people aware of there are more than one kind of diabetes.  With
the title of that article, they should have given Type 1 equal time, or they
should have changed the title of the article to reflect what they were
really writing about.


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