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Re: [IP] condition or disease?

> Condition or disease. Just a play on words to me. Yes, it is controlable,
> but it still is a disease. I just had a parent of a 5yr old who was just

Wellll..... not trying to annoy anyone, but a Type I who got that way 
because his/her pancreas was removed due to say.... damage from an auto 
accident, would not attribute it to a disease. Getting there for most was 
the result of an autoimmune disease, but after the first couple of years, 
the damage is done and the beta cells are all dead -- about the same 
place that the person with the "removed" pancreas is. You might say that 
a "regular" type one is the victim of a disease process, but the disease 
passes and he or she must go one with life with the missing organ and 
the accumulating side effects caused by loss of it's function. Can't say 
as I can think of a similar "disease", but I'm sure there are some. 

Really, does it matter. We, or our loved ones have suffered a medical 
truama that has forever changed our lives. The effects are continuing and 
in the long run, usually not good - we all know what they are. The point 
is that we must deal with those potential problems and try our best to 
make sure that everything possible is done to moderate or eliminate them 
with good bg control, diet, exercise, and so on. As a parent, this also 
includes teaching my child how to do this and be independent and strong 
at the same time.

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