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[IP] Pump problems

 if the reservoir is moving around, it pushes out
insulin, ie if the top of the reservoir is moving.
when i got this loaner it'd been that if iw as walking
i'd hear it rattling, so sine then it's been in the
leather case, and i know it still moves b/c sometimes
you can hear hte plastic of the reservoir, but nothing
like it was before.
 anyhow, i took off the pump and fortuantely hd a
disconnecting set.... as the tubing moves, insulin
drips off the set, i know this isn't normal b/c hech,k
half the time it takes a prime to get a drop anywhere
near coming off......
 go figure, but how safe is it? 
Whenever something doesn't seem right to you, Amy it isn't. The pump is a
mechanical device and subject to mechanical failure. If you, an experienced
pumper feel it isn't working properly than it isn't. It's like all other
things medical, th patient is right, the device is wrong. Don't risk over
delivery call the mfr and report it. Spot and Christine

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