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[IP] condition or disease?

Condition or disease. Just a play on words to me. Yes, it is controlable,
but it still is a disease. I just had a parent of a 5yr old who was just
diagnosed with Type 1 say to me that it is NOT a disease. Made me angry. I
didn't say that to him, hey we all have to deal with this in our own way,
but how can it not be a disease? And i personally am tired of hearing people
in general, no one on this list, say ahhh thank god it's not something more
serious. Yes, i am thankful, i truly am, i know it could be much worse, but
I DON"T need to keep hearing that!  It's very difficult dealing with this
24hrs a day, 7 days a week, and no one truly understands accept the people
dealing with it, and some handle it better than others. Somedays i handle it
better than others, somedays not.  I personally will never get over the fact
that complications MAY or MAY NOT occur to MY child!  Now how can that not
be a disease??!???

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