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[IP] Curses, a damn rose garden (not)

Ms Cohen observed that her life IS a rose garden. I think mine is too.
Don't you think YOURS IS TOO?

In fact, if it had not been for diabetes I would most likely be DEAD by
now. I am really glad that I am NOT dead yet. Sure, I suppose I do tend
to see the good side of most things. But, when my blood sugar drops into
the low ranges, I sometimes tend to dwell on the "bad" things. It has
taken a lot of practice, but I found that I could actually STOP thinking
of those "bad" things if I made it a conscious effort. Or maybe it is
just 'cause I am getting OLD. I can't remember.

So, be careful. They ARE watching you :>)

Nick Trubov
email @ redacted
in Sunny Northwest Arkansas
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