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[IP] Fwd: humalog unable to bring high sugars down.

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My wife, an insulin dependent diabetic for 23 years, went from injections to 
to the
mini-med pump in Jan 00. Since the pump accomodates humalog, she switched to 
it from regular insulin when going on the pump.
She immediately experienced a weight gain even though she actually reduced her
food  intake due to the fact she is very conscious of her weight.

On a day to day basis, her sugars seemed to very well under control by 
her bolus relative to carbohydrate intake in addition to the basal rates 
by her endicrinologist. Periodically ,however, with no explanation, her 
readings registered beyond the capacity of the machine (+600) with a message 
call the doctor. She then would then give herself a bolus of 10 units and 
retest her
sugar after an hour and give herself another 10 units since the glucometer 
still register beyond the machine's capacity. Consistently. nausea from 
gastroparesis would necessitate a vist to the hospital ER followed by a day 
or two
of IV until the sugars were decreased by her bolus from the pump. She has 
hospitalized 6 times since being on the pump with increasing IV times needed 
her to return to relatively normal sugars. She was hospitalized two times in 
for a total of 17 days, 7 days the first time and 10 days a week later. The 
Drs cannot
determine whether the gastroparesis is causing the sugar to elevate or the 
high sugars are causing the gastroparesis. When her sugar was tested the last 
in the ER, it registered over 900 and she was taken off the  pump and 
reverted to
ultralente injections by needle to replace the pump basal followed by humalog 
on her carbohydrate intake at meals. Her sugar readings have been relatively 
over the past week. We are in the process of changing her endocrinologist and 
an appointment with another pump knowledgeable endocrinologist next week.

Even though her sugars seemed to be under control better than they were prior 
the pump, her hospitalization from gastroparesis is much worse than it has 
ever been.

I would appreciate comments. Thank you    

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