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[IP] LifeScan InTouch version 1.3.1

I downloaded the free version of the LifeScan InTouch software, version 
1.3.1, located here: http://www.lifescan.com/lsprods/intouch.html

The download went normally, the file (Dm131usa.exe, 7,374,508 bytes) 
decompresses and installs without complaint. The program opens successfully 
and I'm able to transfer data from my OneTouch Profile (using a LifeScan 
serial cable) and view the data via Report, Data List. However, I can't 
view any of the other reports -- I just get one of three error messages. 
("Illegal Function Call" or "Type Mismatch", or "In Touch Error #5").

I tried installing the software under Windows 98, Windows NT and then under 
Windows 2000. I always get _exactly_ the same results.

Has anyone been able to use the downloaded software to see all the reports? 
If so, what version does it report? (To see the version number, click on 
Help, About IN TOUCH Diabetes Management...) How large was the downloaded 
file? (To see the exact size, right-click on Dm131usa.exe, select 
"Properties" and look at the number of bytes in parentheses to the right of 
"Size:". Do NOT look at the number in parentheses to the right of "Size on 
disk:" -- this is _not_ useful since it depends on disk formatting parameters.)

I have a hard time believing the program has a problem, but then again, I 
have a hard time believing anything else since there's absolutely no sign 
of program corruption on my system.

TIA and regards, Andy

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