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[IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V4 #459

Hi All,
I wonder if I'm the only crazy person that doesn't consider this condition 
exactly that a "condition."  Yes, it's packed with complications if not 
controlled, and yes it's a royal pain in the neck, most of the time.  
However, today I truly believe that this is not a disease but a livable and 
completely controllable condition.  Maybe I'm just being a stickler on words. 
 But one of our main goals at the JDA is to prove to people that anyone with 
diabetes is no different from any other person.  We all have challenges in 
life to face, Hey life isn't a rose garden.  Actually it is a beautiful rose 
garden.  But like the rose it's covered in thorns and you have to get passed 
the thorns in order to enjoy the beauty and sweetness of the rose.
I didn't actualy mean to rumble on and on.  But we have to deal with the 
lousy media of the JDA, ADA.etc.... Because they need to raise desperately 
needed money for research.  And we also need to get through to the medical 
prof. that don't take great care of their patients, especially the T2, whom I 
think really get the raw end of the deal, because the seriousness of their 
condition is most often overlooked.  But I think it's high time that people 
stop referring to diabetics as sick people.  We are PEOPLE who happen to have 
diabetes- a livable and controllable condition.  As far as the article in the 
Newsweek, hey that's the media they love to get hysterical so it hits all the 
papers.  Today it's diabetes tomorrow it'll be something else.  I wonder if 
they'll all be writing about it when a real cure is finally found.  Who knows 
after all diabetes is a multimillion dollar market. Maybe that's why it's 
taking them so long to find a cure.  Food for thought Huh!
CEO- Jewish Diabetes Assoc.
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