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[IP] Jan's message

well it was certainly not MY intent to alienate or piss off you type 1.5, 2s 
and wierds.  nor do I think anyone on the list thinks for one second that you 
don't belong here.  This is NOT a type 1 list...it is a pump list.  i think 
the crux of the thing is that the article was replete with non facts and 
sensationalism and literally glossed over the actual subject of DIABETES and 
focused on fat lazy people (some of who really are TYPE 1s!!!!)!  and then of 
course, we are all venting OUR opinion, which may not always be the same as 
yours, and we are supposed to take that as a given here!

I for one, vote that JAN be appointed to the Newsweek editorial staff to 
write the official rebuttal.  she is most certainly the most level headed 
(and i say that with love), and the best equipped to express the words we all 
want to say.

I actually have to agree with David in a way...the superficial TOP level of 
the story was NOT that bad...Diabetes?  on the cover of a national magazine?  
talking about types, insulin, diet, exercise, complications...yes, it opened 
up a WHOLE can of worms, but that is where WE come in.  Our stupid Aunt 
bessies will talk about that "informative article in Newsweek" and we can set 
her straight..

Sara SP
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